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As Time Flies


One minute your baby is slowly opening their eyes to the big world, the next they’re running around faster than you can catch up. Trap time within the pages of 'As Time Flies'.

Parenthood is the most memorable time in anyone's life and being able to capture those memories in a way that you and your child can cherish them forever is an exquisite gift. We wanted to make this book as exquisite as the memories that it will capture.

We decided to create custom illustrations to depict all the memoirs the page would be about. An ever-evolving journey, encapsulating the child's progress through the years. Understanding the story and reflecting the same in the scenes, and creating a visual that would appeal to the parents and the children but not take away from the real trasure, we created this gorgeous milestone book wherein you can record your letter to the baby, your pregnancy highlights, photoshoots, all the firsts like first bath, first food, first holiday, and major milestones of your baby’s first year. Some pages have special social media inspired templates, making it perfect for modern parents!

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