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Bhagwati Furniture


Bhagwati Furniture is a 45-year-old firm that manufactures exquisite quality household furniture with an experienced and trustworthy voice in a hassle-free setting. Started in a shed by the grandfather, a karigar himself, only as a location to sell couch sets and tables, it ultimately expanded as a company with multiple warehouses and showrooms.

Bhagwati’s specialty lies in its teakwood furniture, making them an enormous attraction for their clientele. The loyalty comes not only from the clients, but also primarily from the employees who have been connected to the business since its inception.
The company’s way to adhere to the traditional baithak equipment gives the clients a homely impression and makes them feel connected. Bhagwati Furtniture promises nothing but a quality experience. 

With the increasing competition in the furniture market, they realised the need to upgrade themselves in order to grab the attention of the youth of today. The best way to do that would be to create an identity that speaks for itself while also keeping the legacy of the brand intact. Traditional yet unorthodox, time-honored and exclusive is the kind of persona we wanted to create for them. 

Amalgamating a simple graphic 'B' with one of their signature carving designs is as perfect as the logo gets, complimenting that with hues of brown and a royal blue, we perfectly excapsulated the initial thought for the brand. 

"This was a real business to brand transformation..." - Nischay Arora

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