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Moshish Shisha sparkles are high-quality flavours made completely vegan, nicotine-free and organic. With a chill and unique vibe, it comes in a variety of flavours like Mango, Cola, Cappuccino and many more. Moshish brings to the table a history of serenity and the tranquility of peace.


Currently, it is available in India and Dubai.

While targeting an upmarket audience, we also needed to make sure that it was easy for the customers to understand the product itself and be able to create the perfect #moshissesh by using just the right amount of sparkles. 

Be it the house party circles, relaxed sheesha bars and restaurants, we wanted to make Moshish a household name to up the game at any party. Creating a mystique behind the product with the vial-like packaging and a concept of glitter inside and flavour outside, which we depicted with waves and soothing gradients; we successfully delivered something that stands out in the market and speaks for itself.

The vial-like packaging helped control the amount of sparkles to be used per session while also giving the customers the feel of creating something magical in that experience!


With the packaging and upgrading the overall aesthetic of the brand, taking the same aesthetic to it’s other platforms like social media and the website, we were able to deliver an every lasting experience of the sparkles.

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