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Established in 2012, Tattvalogy, previously known as Natures Tattva is India's first beauty brand focused on ingredients. They put the elements of Nature first because they believe that the right quality of ingredients can work wonders for your skin and hair.


With this rebranding, they wanted a way to showcase that DIY can be fun & simple; and that all-natural skin and hair care is all you need.


Earthy, flamboyant and clean were a few aesthetic attributes that the client was looking for. Being a DIY brand, we came up with the concept of giving it a "motherly and nostalgic" touch. The logo itself represents the generational passing-on of knowledge, which is where DIY comes into play. Keeping it natural fresh, we wanted the brand to imbibe the sustainability and confident aspects of it. 

Being a Rebranding project, we wanted to retain the essence of the old name "Nature's Tattva" while bringing in the scientific aspect of DIY, hence, Tattvalogy.

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